Heritage Days 2019


Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  You will be notified of your booth assignment upon arrival at the festival.  You will receive a vendor packet including park access passes and information.

YOUR ASSIGNED SPACE NUMBER IS FINAL.  Registration fees will not be refunded.  No refunds due to weather-related issues.

Direct sales vendors will be limited to one vendor per company.  Businesses selling similar products may be limited to two vendors per product type.  Acceptance of festival exhibitors, materials & products is at the sole discretion of the Heritage Days Arts & Craft Festival Committee.  

Full payment must be received by June 14th.  No applications will be accepted after June 14th.

To contact the Heritage Days Vendor Coordinator, email ghdvendors@gmail.com.


You are expected to set up in the space provided.  Setting up in a space other than the one provided will result in removal from the festival. 


Booth size will be 12’ x 12’.  If you take up more than that – in width or depth – you will be charged for additional space.  Space reservations are for space only.  Tents, tables & chairs are not provided.  Vendor is responsible for own signage and monies for making change. Demonstrations are encouraged.  No bolts, screws, hooks or nails shall be driven into buildings, trees, or pavement.


Security is the responsibility of the vendor.  Neither the sponsors, the employees thereof, nor their representatives, nor any employee of the Borough of Greenville, nor any of the Greenville Heritage Days Committee members or volunteers will be responsible for injury, loss, or damage that may occur to the vendor, the vendor’s employees or property from any cause whatsoever prior, during or subsequent to the period covered by the contract.  Furthermore, the vendor, upon signing this contract, expressly releases the sponsors, Greenville Borough, Greenville Heritage Days Festival, its employees and representatives from, and agrees to indemnify same against any and all claims for such damage.   

Food Vendors must provide proof of general liability coverage (minimum $300,000 per occurrence) and Greenville Heritage Days must be listed as an additional insured.


Standard 110V service will be provided at an additional cost.  If you require higher voltage you must provide your own or one can be rented for you. If one is rented for you, you must provide your own fuel.


Saturday morning: 7am - 8:30am; Sunday morning: 10am – 11:30am.   We will have people to help you find your space.  You will only be permitted to park near your space while unloading/loading. 

All vehicles must be moved to the designated parking areas by the end of allowed setup time for safety reasons.  Please contact ghdvendors@gmail.com if you cannot setup at the allowed times. 

All Vendors must have posted food prices.

No open flames will be permitted in tents, including but not limited to charcoal, wood, propane, or gasoline stoves.  Cooking with open flames must be conducted behind the tent.  Vendors are required to have at least a 10 lb. ABC-type fire extinguisher on site.

Sidewalks and walkways MUST be kept clear. Stakes used to anchor tents must be taped or barricaded off between tents.  All vendor products and materials must be stored and maintained within space allotted.  Storage – boxes, etc. – must be either in the tent or behind it; no storage will be permitted beside the tent.  Bag your garbage in your own garbage bags and deposit it in the dumpster at the end of the night.  Large items, such as packing and/or boxes, must be broken down.

There can be no dumping of batter, gray water or grease in dumpsters or on street, grass or down municipal drains. 


Your booth must be open during the regular festival hours.  If you break down early, you may not be invited to return the following year.  Vehicles for loading will not be allowed back in park until 30 minutes after the event has ended for the night, when most of the foot traffic is clear.


Exhibitors’ parking passes must be displayed at all times while accessing the park.  The park is for LOADING AND UNLOADING ONLY.  Only vehicles with passes will be permitted to enter the park for setup and tear down.  NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.  Passes will be received the day of arrival and must be displayed to enter the park.  Only 1 pass will be provided per vendor.  For safety reasons, no vehicles will be allowed to enter the park until the event is over for the night.


Absolutely no selling or distributing of laser pointers, knifes, weapons, obscene material, empty balloons, squirt guns, snap caps or cap guns, or any item prohibited by the State of Pennsylvania and items (at the discretion of the committee) deemed not to be in the best interest of a family oriented event.

Raffle tickets can only be sold inside your booth.  Individuals from your booth are not permitted to roam the grounds to pass out information or items.


Vendors must abide by the Department of Health & Food Safety regulations and have a ServSafe Handler present.


The Greenville Heritage Days Committee shall have full power to interpret or amend these rules.  In the event that these stated policies do not appear to cover a specific situation(s), the Greenville Heritage Days Committee reserves the right to make such ruling as may be in the best interest of the festival, and the Exhibitor agrees to abide by such rulings.

PLEASE NOTE: Pets must be on a leash at all times.


Questions?  Please contact the Greenville Heritage Days Vendor Coordinator at


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